Favours from the pharma industry

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29 Jun 2016 - General

Medical fraternity and pharmaceutical industry go hand in hand. All major drug discoveries by pharmaceutical companies have been supported by multi-phase clinical trials done by clinicians. Whenever there is a question asked by the clinical community, the researchers from the pharmaceutical industry have risen to the need and have helped to find the answer. 

Inspite of the healthy relationship between doctors and pharma companies, some unfair business practices have crept in. There has been much hue and cry in the society and in the media about the favours being granted by the pharma industry towards doctors and how the doctors' practice or prescription pattern has been corrupted or changed because of this. The scenario is much stricter in the Western countries where there are tough regulations regarding pharma spending on doctors. Laws have also made by the Medical Council of India disallowing undue favours being granted by the pharma industry to doctors. It seems that there are loophole for all rules and regulations and sometimes the vagueness of guidelines makes it possible to bypass the rules altogether. What is the scenario in other Asian countries and what is the opinion of doctors about this?

In the Philippines, it has adopted and implemented the "The Mexico City Principles for Vocabulary Codes of Business Ethics in the Biopharmaceutical Sectors" last year. Before the implementation of this policy, some physicians would request anything from the medical representatives and the pharmaceutical companies to the extent of requesting trips abroad with hotel accommodation and pocket money. Others would request for expensive gadgets such as laptops and the like. With the implemen...
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