Do you still wear your white coat?

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29 Jun 2016 - General

How many of you religiously wear your white coat? It is after all a uniform and symbol of who you are but do you really need to wear it? For Pediatricians and Psychiatrists, wearing the white coat tends to make some of their patients anxious. The white coat is also a cest pool, so to speak, as it could harbor microorganisms that you could transfer from patient to patient. At the same time it also serves a shield for your from those harmful microbes and from any bodily fluid splatters. 

I still wear my white coat when inside the hospital. Patients tend to look for the coat and wonder if the person talking to them is actually a doctor and not some person who happens to walk by and pretend to be one. I do not use my white coat when serving in the community. I feel like the white coat is for the clinic or the hospital. 

Below I added the link to an article further talking about this issue.

What are your thoughts about the white coat? Shall we hang them up, use them regularly or use as needed?

Hi Jennifer thanks for your comment. None of the doctor in my hospital is wearing white coat. Indeed, I have never worn a white coat to work in hospital before. The personnel who still wearing white coat in my hospital are those who are working in laboratory, like biochemistry, haematology lab, with no patient contact. I would definitely suggest that white coat should be gradually phase-out in all the hospitals around the world, as I did not see any benefit of wearing an extra piece of clothes...
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Wearing white coat was a history in my hospital. The last time I did wear a white coat was 7 years ago when I was final year medical student!! Moreover, Microbiology and Infectious Control team in hospital has always emphasized on No Tie, No wristwatch, above elbow' dress code. I would agree that white coat will potentially be the source of hospital acquired infection. From patient to patient, the white coat can carry on infection like MRSA, VRE, C.Diff to infect other patient. Not weari...
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Yes there have been studies that our coats would harbor MRSA. Getting fresh coats provided daily by the hospital would be great. At least this way the coats can be disinfected properly. That may although be a heavy burden on hospital budgets and I know especially for us in developing countries this would not be a move done anytime soon. I would think that burden would remain with us. Since we are aware of the consequences wearing the coat would bring we should take it into our own hands to disin...
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Since doctor's white coat and ties have been proven to be frequently colonized with organisms associated with nosocomial infection, should it not then be slowly removed altogether from the hospital setting? I think the benefit of not wearing coats outweighs the risk of spreading infection and development of 'superbugs' despite the perception of the public on how a doctor should portrait themselves. Unless of course if fresh coats were offered by respective hospitals on a daily basis....
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It is a universal symbol but some institutions have different types of white coats which could distinguish a doctor from medical technicians and the like. When I visited a hospital in the US I was not able to tell who was a doctor, nurse, physician's assistant etc because their white coats were all the same. I would need to go close and read their ID tags to know who they are. I like though how the idea of wearing the white coat upholds tradition. As long as the tradition is flexible to chan...
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The white coat is one universal symbol which has got associated with the medical community, not only doctors. Previoulsy it was only doctors who used to be associated with the white coat, but now we see a variety of healthcare personnel donning this apparel. Personally, since I am a surgeon, my blue scrubs are more dear to me than the white coat!! I think that the white coat still has a place in our community. The laboratory technicians and clinical assistants should still wear it so that they c...
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