Playing cards- an effective therapy for stroke rehabilitation

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29 Jun 2016 - General

Have you heard of card games working similar to rehabilitation? Virtual reality games have caused improvements in motor rehabilitation. It is achieved by continuous repetitive movements of the hands and arms. Simple activities such as throwing a paper ball aiming a waste basket or playing card games help in coordination and regaining strength. The clinical trials have shown 30 to 40% improvements in the condition with stroke requiring motor rehabilitation. These kinds of therapies are most effective in people living in areas farther from the rehabilitation centres and away from technologies. It also creates interest among the patients as the therapy is a source of entertainment without cost!

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Thanks for sharing. The original article for anyone interested is available on: I don’t think the important point was just that recreational games was useful for stroke rehabilitation. The novelty and utility if the trial was showing that non-immersive virtual reality rehabilitation method(Wii) was similar in impact to the recreational games. It was also important to note that the study participants were not mer...
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