Suicide by Dr’s

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29 Jun 2016 - General

Taking a look at the statistics the increasing rate of suicides among medical professionals is an alarming sign. The concern is world wide and not specific to any country or state. Talking about suicide there are always two aspects one is the number of professionals attempting it and second count would be the one getting successful in it. With medical professionals the success rate is also very high because they understand the human biology the best.

Stress and Depression are identified as the cause in most of the cases. Are we generally too stressed? Or prone to depression easily? Does use to substance also play a role? Are we doing something about it?

Thanks for sharing. When I read the attached links, I realize i have all the risk factors :long hours, demanding patients, malpractice lawsuits, continued education, medical school expenses, and ease of access to medications. Fortunately my only "malpractice lawsuits" was a complaint about long waiting time. And maybe I can add " high professional indemnity insurance cost " to the list. However I will try to misread the data as: Most physicians are taking such good care of t...
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Hi! It might be because physicians are reluctant to seek medical help and would attempt self-treatment at the early stages of depression. Another would be reluctance to seek help because of the stigma it carries with it. An article in JAMA ( specifically pointed out that suicide is prevalent among medical students and residents. I assume because this would be one of the most difficult phase in the profession. Maybe the working relations...
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Yes, what you have pointed out is true. Have read about this; some study conducted years ago, thus may not be a good idea to take those numbers now. However in case of Psychiatrist; with the work they do, biggest draw back or depressing point is the fact that patient may not ever completely recover or have many relapses. This might give a sense of failure and facing the same day after day, year after year might lead into depression. Can we do something about this? In case of anaesthetists, can...
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