Autism: Surprise box

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29 Jun 2016 - General

As they say. “If you have met one child with Autism you have met only one child with Autism”. Working with children with special needs since last 8 years, I always take it to my surprise how every child is so different and amazing in his or her own way.

Sharing a small experience here, I was taking my second rapport building session with 6 years old child, diagnosed with moderate level of Autism. Biggest challenge for this child so far has been communication and thus academic performance. He would not respond to any question asked in school, thus giving an impression that he lacks comprehension. In my first session I clearly remember, he did not say a single word.

As he was 6 years old, I thought it might not be a good idea to start with very basics, so I decided let’s start with musical instruments. I used flashcards and initial 5 he did not respond. 6th flashcard was flute and he said “flute”, I said very good and was about to show next flashcard, when he said “mouth organ”. I took a pause and probed further and that’s when he surprised me with naming few other mouth organs including melodica, blues harp and recorder.