Total Daily Caloric Requirement versus Total Daily Caloric Intake

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29 Jun 2016 - General

Total Daily Caloric Requirement (TDCR) refers to the total number of calories that you need to take in a day so that you will maintain your Ideal Body Weight (IBW). This is computed based  on your height, sex, and degree of activity.  If your work requires a lot of physical exertion, then you will need more energy than another person who is sedentary. Thus, your TDCR is more than the other person who sits down in more hours of the day.  The Total Daily Caloric Intake (TDCI), on the other hand, refers to the actual number of calories that you take in a day. If your TDCR is greater than your TDCI, then you will lose weight. If the reverse holds true, you will gain weight. Thus, it is important that you should know both your TDCR and your TDCI.  

Thank you for your query. I posted these concepts because I really would like to trigger discussion on them. These concepts are meant to be used by us—physicians—to explain the nutritional situation wherein one or more of our patients is (are) in, and they are laid down in this forum so that we, physicians, become actively aware of them. These concepts are very important if we are engaged in weight management program—whether to help patients increase or decrease their weight. Since ...
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Thanks for sharing these important concepts. I am interested in how does the author encourage his patients to use this concepts and how has it changed their lives? It should be important to note that while these terms are used commonly in clinical literature and research. They are hardly found in consultation material which we share with our patients. This is because overly confusing material will tend to discourage patients from adopting the healthy effort. Instead of the terms as introduced b...
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