Plight of Rural Health and Government Physicians in the Philippines

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29 Jun 2016 - General

Government physicians in general who are working in the Philippines have lower income compared to those who are moonlighting and in the private practice. They are required to serve at least 40 hours a week from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon while others who are working in the hospitals go on 24 hours duty. Others serve in a 1:20,000 ratio or population per community. In as much as they want to provide quality health services to the people, they can only do little because of the lack of manpower. There was a time where doctors took up nursing for greener pasture. These government and rural health physicians would really want to serve the country but the dilemma of having to work with a greater paycheck is uncommon to them. 

Government doctors in India fall under 2 categories. Those working in Medical colleges and those working in state or central government hospitals and health centres. In addition, there are also those who work in colleges and hospitals run by municipal corporations. Most of them are paid according to central government or state government assigned pay-scales. Those who work in towns and cities would have access to a better working environment and the pay-scales and dearness allowance would be i...
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