Will Brexit save some money for NHS (National Health Service) in UK ???

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29 Jun 2016 - General

Surprise news of Brexit was the main topic of concern during the morning ward round last Friday. The UK has marginally vote to leave EU, 51.9% Vs 48.1%, in the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, also known as the EU referendum and the Brexit referendum. The shocking news will intensely affect the EU, the rest of the world, and specifically Republic of Ireland. Huge wipe off the Uk stock market, rapid depletion of sterling pound value in the early morning after brexit !!!

One of the main slogans of "Leave Campaign" is being in EU reqiured UK to give around  20 Billion pound a year / 350 million per week to Brussels. And they could potentially use that amount of money to fund the underfunding NHS (National Health Service), if they leave EU. Is it that true??? Maybe not.....

Yes Ziwei, no one will know what will be the outcome in the future after Brexit. A lot of people do predict that UK will get the hit hard initially, but will be beneficial for them in the long run. This referendum has certainty divide the UK nation, with Scotland and Northern Ireland vote to “stay” in UK. I would say this is the major concern for UK now, of how to deal with this issue. Scottish SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon claimed that it is "democratically unacceptable" for Scotland to ...
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Yes, I would agree that is it indeed an agenda used by the “Leave campaigners” to attract to public votes in UK, by targeting the on-going issues of underfunding NHS. No one will actually know how much the money saved from contribution to EU, will go to NHS funds, possibly minimal, and will be depended on the government policy. And actually the “Leave” lobbyists did not think that they will win as well !!! They might just want to aim for a close defeat, but they won. I was talking to a few ...
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Thanks for sharing. I wondering if the people in the UK are receiving the different set of news than those who are outside. From what I understand, it was a falsehood created the Brexit lobbyists to convince the UK public to vote for the Brexit. What they were saying was that leaving EU would potentially allow the NHS to have more budget if the government sets it up that was. As quoted from Guardian website(
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