Let’s make hospitals better

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30 Jun 2016 - General

Hospitals over all have some kind of stereotypical associations. The standard of treatment has come a long way, but we can still make the over all experience better.

The most crucial factor that could possibly improve the whole environment of the hospitals is a change in the way that patients and hospital staff greet and treat each other. Being cordial and caring from both sides can lighten the otherwise gloomy environment.Another important change can be the reduction in the processing time for paperwork of outpatients as well as inpatients. The quicker the process the lesser the psychological impact on the patients. The close proximity of the various departments in the hospital also helps in reducing the time taken for pre, during and post hospital care documentation. As hospitals is not the place only for patients, but also for caregivers and family members, thus having a small recreational area might also be a good idea.

Please feel free to add more ideas.

Access to healthcare in the Philippines is still largely out-of-pocket. Having a family member with an illness can be psychologically and financially stressful. I think there should be a support group for the families and relatives of these patients. While all the members of the healthcare team create a warm and caring environment, sometimes, these efforts are still not enough to match the stress of the relatives. I believe that specialized support groups should be able to handle this. For examp...
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I agree with this. The way patients are welcomed or received in an outpatient/ emergency can make a big difference with their hospital experience. As nurses or other members of the healthcare team, let us not forget to greet them with a smile. In the hospital where I currently work, we've got a reasonably sized cafeteria which serves a variety of food for staff and relatives. On the other side of the cafeteria, is a small coffee shop corner where people can a enjoy a cuppa and a slice. As fo...
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