Diet foods are making us fat

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27 Apr 2017 - General

Diet foods are prone to cause serious health issues as these are rich in sugar. These are more risk in teen agers and childhoods. we should not be trapped in diet for a health sake as we are getting bad more into our body. This post is to alert all HCPs about diet foods. Share your views and experiencecs in diet foods.

There are bunch of foods which helps us to gain weight. Foods like Lean meat, Banana, Chicken, Peanut Butter, Cheese, Whole fat milk etc are packed with high amount of protein, Vitamins & fat. This is the reason it is great fro weight gain. Find out here what are the other foods which helps your body to put on weight. Of course, fries and chips are fattening. However, baked and boiled potatoes are not, especially when you leave off the sour cream, and use only small amounts of butter. And I ...
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