Doctor dies in road mishap, DOH calls for stronger road safety measures

Doctor dies in road mishap, DOH calls for stronger road safety measures

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The Department of Health has exhorted motorists to practice road safety and strictly follow traffic regulations after reckless driving resulted in the death of a government cardiologist.
4 May 2017 - General
Shunjie Chua no blames intended. Actually the situation was that they were inspecting a hospital in that area. She was completely outside of her work area as Davao is on a completely definitely island from where the late Dr Claro and I are working. It's just us wondering that if she was awake like everyone else would she have suffered the same minor injuries like the rest as the defining factor was that she...
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Thanks for sharing about the accident Jennifer Winter . Pardon me for being ignorant, I was wondering how being asleep would increase the risk of the mortality. Accidents normally occur in a very short span of time. It is very difficult to take any action to prevent injury. However, if there is time to prepare for it, it would be effective to ensure that the seat belts and then assume a bend position to brace for...
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This was very tragic news indeed. I found out the news about the accident while on duty. The other passengers came out with minor abrasions one with a clavicular fracture and the driver unharmed. It was very unfortunate for Dr. Claro that this accident claimed her life. Unlike the other passengers she was the only one asleep which may just be the reason why she was the only mortality. I did not know her personally but many colleagues speak very kind words about her. Rest in Peace Dr. Claro. You ...
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