Sedating paediatric patients may reduce pain-induced trauma

Sedating paediatric patients may reduce pain-induced trauma

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Children tend to have a high level of anxiety when it comes to clinical procedures. Under certain circumstances, it is recommended to sedate the child to avoid causing a traumatic experience.
4 May 2017 - General
Jennifer Winter Thanks for tagging me doctor on this wonderful topic. I can't deny that we are most of the time wrapping children into blankets especially during intravenous insertions and extracting of blood samples. It is true that this could create a traumatic experience and perception to them whenever they see people in white which signifies doctors, interns and nurses, they tend to eb frightened imemdiat...
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Jennifer Winter Thank you for tagging me along the discussion. I think that sedating children should be reserved only for the severely anxious ones. We must take note that children are very easy to distract. Providing distraction can shift their attention from pain to other stimuli and should be the initial plan when handling pediatric cases. I think that it would be very risky to consider sedation just to insert...
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