Paper-Based Substrates For Active Antimicrobial Sanitization

Paper-Based Substrates For Active Antimicrobial Sanitization

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Scientists at Rutgers University have come up with a way to produce paper-based plasma generators that can kill microbes on contact. The paper-based devices produced plasma that deactivated 99% of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli
5 May 2017 - General
The paper product such as those found in public washrooms or institutions comprises an antimicrobial composition. The substrate can also be a facial tissue, kitchen towel, serviette or any type of personal hygiene product. The antimicrobial composition preferably comprises a phenol-derived antimicrobial agent. The paper products of the present invention appear dry to the touch. The antimicrobial composition of the present invention comprises a solvent and an antimicrobial active agent. The compo...
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