Hyperhidrosis: More than just excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis: More than just excessive sweating

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Any degree of sweating that interferes with daily activities should be a cause for concern. In the United States, it was reported that 17% of teens experienced hyperhidrosis, and that the average reported onset age was 11 years.
6 May 2017 - General
Many patients get skin irritation with effective antiperspirants and find the side effects of effective pharmacological therapy intolerable. With a thoracoscopic sympathectomy life becomes simpler, no need to carry around drugs, not necessary to keep stocked up with uncommon antiperspirants or going for Botox injections every 3 months. However, some element of compensatory hyperhidrosis will affect up to 80%. Even so more 90 % are happy they did the procedure. As long as it is a skilled operator...
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Sweating is a normal way for the body to hydrate itself. But excessive sweating in a cool area in the office is another story. People sometimes can't relate with this as an actual problem because they have never lived a day where they couldn't control about how much they sweat a day. And that is a problem. The bottom line is that it is unattractive. And that can make you insecure. Not to mention that you are always uncomfortable in clothes. What I noticed that helps is finding a antipers...
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It is well known that the most effective treatment for hyperhidrosis is a thoracoscopic sympathectomy. This also has the highest rate of satisfied patients. For some reason that defies logic the insurance companies insist on this being a congenital problem although there is no evidence of this or that it is cosmetic problem. It has nothing to do with good looks, but can be a significant functional problem giving difficulties at work and in relationships. The insurance companies in most instances...
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