People in the Metropolis Have Gotten the Concept of Diet Backwards

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7 May 2017 - General

photo from: MotleyHealth

I have been conducting medical missions in the last month and I have noticed good diet practices by the patients in the province. These specific diet habits are as follows:

1.) They consume fast food, canned goods, and refined desserts sparingly and opt for home cooked meal and fruits

2.) Water and coconut water are their main sources of hydration

3.) They consume less protein and eat more fiber- rich food.

Needless to say, most patients that I have seen in those medical missions have normal lipid profile levels despite being overweight. This development got me thinking that we, who live in the metropolis, have really gotten our caloric consumption backwards. Prioritizing protein over fiber and carbohydrates is a common practice among us and this leads to elevated blood lipid levels when combined with an unhealthy lifestyle. Maybe it is people in the urban areas who need to be re-educated on eating a balanced diet most of the time. For the MIMS community, do you notice a similar trend in your respective countries?