Is grandparents' old-school parenting putting kids at risk?

Is grandparents' old-school parenting putting kids at risk?

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Grandparents who step in for child care tend to use the same practices they did when they were parenting, but some of them may be outdated, putting their grandchildren at risk, according to a new study.
9 May 2017 - General
Though health practices has truly changed over the years, still we cannot just conclude that being taken cared by a grandmother is outdated and unsafe. In a way or another, they may have raised their own child safely and I can see no problem about that. aybe we can have them watch updates on parenting tips with the new generation. Most of the overseas workers tend to be guilty with this. Due to their working schedules outside the country, they tend to leave their children in the country and bei...
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I have literally always wondered about this. The grandparents are the parents who raised the child who was unable to take care of their child.I realize there are situations when children turn out badly despite their parents best intentions, but there has got to be at least a percentage of situations when its poor parenting from the grandparents to begin with. Pediatric Academics Societies meeting on friday surveyed grandparents on child care techniques such as putting children on their backs to ...
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