Higher penalties for hospitals requiring advance deposit pushed

Higher penalties for hospitals requiring advance deposit pushed

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Lawmakers are seeking to impose higher penalties on hospitals and clinics - both public and private - that deny emergency treatment for patients unable to make advance payments.
17 May 2017 - General
This could be a double bladed sword both for the patient and the health sector service provider......if the DOH will afford medical facilities with assistance on the cost of primary life threatening materials, and personnel this law will be great, but look at the side of the medical service provider, the cost of materials that are used for emergency cases are not cheap. and if this is the case a lot of hospital will switch to other branch of medical practice where this law does not apply or the ...
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In emergency situations, it is unethical to refuse giving of care to patients most especially life threatening cases. Due to financial incapability, some of the indigent will not be able to produce the amount needed to save their love one. As a healthcare provider, it is one of our mission and our utmost priority to preserve and give due care to the patients regardless of any circumstance. May this be put into law and necessary penalty shouldbe given to the guilty. As well as, if in case the f...
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there is no doubt that this bill can help millions of filipinos but i dont think it will pass to become a law,its like we are addressing the problem by killing the private hospitals that serves almost 70 to 80% of patients.Imagine if all of the emergency situation in Metro Manla will be brought to St Lukes or Asian Hospital without paying anything?why will i pay if there is a law that a patient can just say i dont have money and there is a law that deposit is not required.The government should i...
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