An Appropriate Mindset Will Lead to a Faster Recovery Time from Injury

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21 May 2017 - General

photo from Cosmos Magazine

Recovering from injuries , be it a Grade 1 ankle sprain or surgical repair of a ligament tear, is painstaking to say the least. Significant time spent on rehabilitation is difficult to keep up with yet people with the appropriate mindset shatter conventional timetables for injury recovery. What are the components that separate people who recover from injuries faster than most do? Here are some that make the list:

  • Determination 
    •  approaching the rehabilitation process head on and not whining about the current state
  • Doing extra work at home
    • Most rehabilitation programs consist of home instructions that patients are recommended to do at home
  • Getting adequate rest
    • Rest is not just getting enough sleep but also staying away from factors that inhibit regeneration such as smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Not pushing oneself beyond the current limitations
    • Most people quit rehabilitation halfway through the process. Practicing this bad habit makes one prone to injury as the affected structures are not capable of handling excessive load.

For the MIMS community, can you think of other tips that can make a person recover from injury faster?