Road accidents biggest global killer of teenagers - BBC News

Road accidents biggest global killer of teenagers - BBC News

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More than 1.2 million adolescents died in 2015, with road injuries causing about one in 10 deaths.
23 May 2017 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Adolescence is the stage of exploration and figuring out one's identity. It is expected that adolescents are more than willing to engage in risk-taking behaviors. What is puzzling in this article is the data showing 15- 19 year olds operating vehicles. In the Philippines, only those aged 18 and above are legally allowed to drive vehicles. Governments must do their share of securing the saf...
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Adolescence is the time wherein people gain somewhat a little independence most especially in our countres. Some may tend to live alone and far from their families, work on their own and so on. Maybe this does not apply in the Philippines because during the age bracket of 10-19, we are still under our parents supervision at all times, and for some until they grow old. Responsible driving should be given in full attention especially to teens as they are somewhat new go the thinking of like drivin...
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This is an alarming issue that has certainly attracted much attention from road authorities that is why strict compliance to traffic rules is expected of all motorists and pedestrians. One of the reasons I could think of on why teenagers are the common victims to accidents in the road is because most individuals from this age group tend to be impulsive and careless. For the MIMS Community, kindly share your thoughts about this global problem and feel free to air out your suggestions on how to so...
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