Thyroid: seeking help

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30 Jun 2016 - General

With change in life style and increasing pollution thyroid disorders have also relatively gone high. Apart of medical treatment and other biological implications, one major impart this disorder has is on the self- esteem.

It is very difficult for individuals to adjust and except the major change in their body size. Physical change is very sudden with mood swings. Impact stays as the patient struggles to get the disorder under control. Clinical depression is very common leading to maladjustments and dysfunction in regular life and productivity. Social anxiety is also linked to low self-esteem. Patients that seek counseling and other help for mood concerns and self-esteem tend to cope better, however big percentage of patients do not seek psychological help due to stigma attach to it.

This need of patients has been identified with few endocrinologist and gynecologist and they have started referring patients to psychologist. Awareness has to be increased on this domain among medical health professionals as well as general population.

Hypo or hyperhythroidism can be a very deceptive disorder. Generalised vague symptoms may plague the patient and the physician may not be able to find satisfactory answers to the patient's questions. It is, however, a good thing that awareness about this organ and its malfunction is now pretty widespread. General practitioners as well as specialists will get thyroid function tests done as a part of their routine protocol. Several healthcare packages may include thyroid function tests and the...
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