What is the US doing to bring drug prices down?

What is the US doing to bring drug prices down?

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In a bid to bring down drug prices, a bipartisan group of lawmakers re-introduced a bill on 16 May that would require pharmaceutical companies to justify any price raises on drugs – by providing a breakdown of their expenses. Although President Trump has criticised drug makers for "getting away with murder", his administration has not offered a plan yet.
29 May 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is great to hear from one who has actual experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I never looked at the discrepancy of production costs (including but not limited to personnel wages) and possibly fees paid to the government. I agree with you that there should be routine monitoring of drug prices especially in the provinces where medicines are way more expen...
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To be frank, I am not aware of the United States' present government's stand on health care provisions and platform. However, I have always been a firm believer that emergency and life-saving drugs such as epinephrine and insulin should be kept at a minimum cost so that it is affordable to the general population. Patients with Type 1 Diabees Mellitus will not be able to survive without insulin and this drug is very expensive. Although considered a lifestyle disease, people from the lower...
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