Heat index hits dangerous 55.8º

Heat index hits dangerous 55.8º

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State weather forecasters observed a record-breaking heat index in Pangasinan after the actual apparent temperature reached an “extremely dangerous” 55.8 degrees Celsius on Friday afternoon.
29 May 2017 - General
Tarah Cadiz Indeed. The humidity outdoors really makes it impossible to tolerate the summer season this year. It is great news that our weather department has just declared that it is officially the start of the rainy season. I am glad that more people are aware of the consequences of being poorly hydrated and engaging in long exposure outdoors. Our country took a great step in preventing unwanted conditions such...
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Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing the situation in your country. I agree with you that we need to replenish lost electrolytes when staying outdoors for more than an hour. It is important to be conscious about constantly rehydrating. The humid weather condition in our countries can be made more tolerable if we make it a point to drink at least a cup of water every hour to keep our bodies cool. Thank you for sha...
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