More patients from China heading overseas as medical tourists

More patients from China heading overseas as medical tourists

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Hospitals, especially those already attracting medical tourists, are expected to continue to see a growing number of patients from China. According to Global Growth Markets, the number of Chinese medical tourists is estimated to be increasing at 31% annually since 2012.
5 Jun 2017 - General
Sounds interesting. Good to see that there are some facilities in China which provides everything that the patient needed which includes booking of medical appointments, translating of medical records, applying for visas, arranging for airport pick-up, providing accommodation and accompanying the patient during clinic visits. For visiting a foreign land with different culture and language can be an obstacle, but it seems like they make it easier for everyone. Thank you for sharing this article i...
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China should somehow look into improving their healthcare system as the statistics shows that there is a lot of medical tourist coming from the country. Heading overseas to get the treatment they need may also mean that the healthcare is not that competent enough. Maybe not for all but it could be that some services aren't available. This could be a positive attraction for the economics and tourism of other countries where they are heading to for medical attention. I guess one the countries ...
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