Palliative care: An option outside hospitals

Palliative care: An option outside hospitals

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With over 40,000 deaths per year and only a total of roughly 450 beds offering palliative and hospice care services to patients in Hong Kong, there remains a long journey for the development of palliative care in the city. In this exclusive interview, Dr Antony Chi-Tat Leung, Medical Superintendent of Haven of Hope Sister Annie Skau Holistic Care Centre (SASHCC), shared with MIMS his perspectives on what can be done to promote the concept of palliative care to the general public and healthcare professionals.
9 Jun 2017 - General
Often times people think that palliative care is all about giving up and expecting your love one die anytime soon. It is important to let people understand that it is all about giving someone due respect and embrace the end of their journey as memorable as possible. Giving meaning and living their lives to the fullest until the end is what is it all about. As well as we can even make palliative care along with curative care as being mentioned in the article. It is about living your life with pos...
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