Generic Drugs In India: The Need For More Awareness

Generic Drugs In India: The Need For More Awareness

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The difference in cost of some of the most common branded vs generic drugs are mentioned in the table below: India is a global leader in generic drugs market with major revenue being generated from exports
10 Jun 2017 - General
Chih Chiang Nieh There are two concepts to be understood here, one is generic vs. patented drugs and the other is a drug's “brand name” vs. “non-proprietary name” or “generic name.”
Very often, generic prescribing is misconceived as prescribing by a drug's generic name or non-proprietary name. All generic drugs have a brand name as well as a non-proprietary name but all drugs having a non-proprietary...
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We have this mentality in the society to patronize the branded ones. Not just in drugs but in all sort of categories, may it be in food, clothes, products and the like. However having this explanation that generic drugs are being highly encourage in India, it is alright to have take them in over branded ones as long as the item you are choosing are providing us the exact effects we are expecting from them. I have to agree that most of the doctors, maybe not all are prescribing the most expensive...
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