PH: LGU launches 5-minute anti-dengue habit drive

PH: LGU launches 5-minute anti-dengue habit drive

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If people spent just 5 minutes a day to get rid of objects or clean areas that could serve as breeding ground for the dengue-carrying mosquito, they would be contributing greatly to lowering the incidence of dengue infection.
12 Jun 2017 - General
Summer is already over and rainy season is coming into the Philippines. This may also means we are heading into dengue season. I juts don't like these months due to patients tend to outnumber nurses, staffing and even hospital beds. This may look a simple case but can also be life threatening if untreated. In line with it, we can simp,y erradicate breeding sites and hopefully live a zero mortality rate for dengue. Cleaning our backyards and get rid of the potential breeding sites for mosquit...
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