Consequence of Stem Cell Tourism

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30 Jun 2016 - General

In Manila, a lot of local clinics opened up with the promise of curing certain illnesses through stem cell therapy - for a cost. These so-called “Stem Cell Clinics” make huge profit on unproven therapies that sadly, some patients would prefer to have rather than proven conventional forms of treatment. A recently published article by the New England Journal of Medicine talks about the grave result of such therapy. They described a man who had intrathecal stem cell infusions for the treatment post-stroke neurologic deficits. He had this done from multiple centers in different countries. As a result, he developed worsening low back pain, paraplegia and urinary incontinence. He had  spinal cord lesion on MRI which was biopsied. Turns out, it's a glioproliferative lesion! Stem cells release growth factors responsible for its tumorigenic potential. If anybody can experiment with these cells and put up a stem cell clinic, imagine the new forms of cancers that will be generated. There should be a strict regulatory board for these clinics. In your local setting, is stem cell treatment becoming popular and is there a regulatory board for this industry?


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I agree with this one especially "stem cell clinics" ran by business people with not even the slightest form of medical training, which is a problem because the treatment is still not in the main stream because more clinical trials should be done to prove its worth. Sadly business people take advantage of the desperation or vanity of some patients. There has to be strict regulations in trade of stem cell treatments and internationally stated guideline in approving of stem cell treatmen...
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