"Job Matchmaker" - Expert Interview with Job4Locum CEO Ezuan Yaacob (Part 1)

"Job Matchmaker" - Expert Interview with Job4Locum CEO Ezuan Yaacob (Part 1)

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With big titles such as ‘founder’ and ‘CEO’ tagged to his name, which also happens to be synonymous with Malaysia’s premier award-winning locum placement website, Job4Locum, no one would blame Ezuan Yaacob if he put on some airs.
30 Jun 2016 - General
Personally I do locum work as well. My reasons for doing so is because of getting more experience in the family medicine sector as I plan to specialize in this field in the future and also to earn some extra cash. I cannot think of other reasons why someone would work additional hours since the working hour in our country (in the government setting) is already quite high. Perhaps some doctors have to do locum work because the current salary they are receiving is inadequate to support a family, p...
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In Singapore, we have a constant supply of locums coming from doctors who have to serve the national service for 2 years as a military doctor. Typically their pay will decrease by about 70 percent when they enter national service. Hence, they do locum work to sustain themselves. There are also female locums who have children to look after and they cannot work full time. Locum work is also a quick way for doctors to earn extra income to accumulate their capital before they set up their own clinic...
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