Travelling security

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30 Jun 2016 - General

With the recent bombing and terrorist attack that happened recently in Turkey, i have doubts about the security across the world.

Recently i have made plans to visit Turkey for my holiday, before all the "shimi shami" happened. But on the morning when the news was out, i cancelled all my plans to travel. 

I don't even know where is safe to travel. What are your thoughts about travelling now?

 Also, looking back there wasn't alot of incidents involving planes with malfunctions. Is the advance technology back firing us?

Are we to be blamed for all the drive in need for advancements in the technology.

Dear Alan, to be honest there isn't a safe haven anywhere on earth. I would not want to advice you to do something you're not comfortable with, but an area is usually the safest right after an incident has occurred because security measures are increased, people would be more alert and those meaning to do harm would usually go into hiding or stay low at the time. Unfortunately, we can never be truly safe anywhere. I most agree though that more and more incidents of plane malfunctioning ...
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That event in Turkey is very tragic. It is too bad that you had to cancel your travel plans but that was a smart move. I, who I think dared to live on the wild side, travelled to Malaysia a month after the mysterious disappearances of two aircrafts occurred. I would say though to be smart about travelling. When major events such as bombing or terrorism recently occurred I would avoid that place out of precaution. Travelling has become even more complicated like airport personnel planting illegal...
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