Diabetes Awareness Week

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30 Jun 2016 - General

The Philippine National Diabetes Awareness Week is an annual celebration held every 4th week of July as mandated by Presidential Proclamation No. 213. It aims to promote and highlight the key aspect in diabetes management and prevention – EDUCATION. In keeping with this occasion, our section will be holding an event with our patients with Diabetes. We will be conducting a series of lay fora and interactive activities that will promote awareness of diabetes focusing on its risk factors, treatment, importance of compliance and management and prevention of complications. To make the event more attractive and fun, we would like to set a theme for the celebration. If anyone has ideas on new and exciting themes and types of activities, please contact me. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Diabetes Awareness Week sounds interesting, considering how it's fast becoming an epidemic in many countries. In Singapore, the government focuses on prevention over cure by introducing programs which promote increased physical activity (e.g. free public weekly group workouts all over the country) and healthy eating (e.g. The Healthier Choice mark on foods). The Diabetic Society of Singapore (DSS) has also made it more convenient for people to access diabetic services, by introducing mobile ...
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