Borderline hypertension with hypercholesterolemia

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30 Jun 2016 - General

I have a number of patients  presenting with borderline hypertension accompanied by hypercholesterolemia. Hence, I started them with anti-hypertensive drugs and statin (rosuvastatin). I observed that after around   3 to 4 months of using the said combination of  drugs, the blood pressure drops significantly that I resort to removing the anti-hypertensive drugs and retaining  the statin. To my surprise,  the blood pressure of said patients never rose again and stayed at normal level. Thus, in patients like these, have a close follow-up because there is a time that the blood pressure dips,  and you need to stop the anti-hypertensive drugs, retaining only  the statin  at minimal dose. Lately, some literatures have been  coming out and reporting  that statins tend  to  improve the endothelium-dependent dilation of both coronary and peripheral  arteries,  leading to reduction in blood pressure. This explains my observations,   and we need to be aware of this  previously  “unseen” beneficial  effect of statins.

Reference 1)K.E. Ferrier, M.H. Muhlmann, J.P. Baguet, et al. Intensive cholesterol reduction lowers blood pressure and large artery stiffness in isolated systolic hypertension J Am Coll Cardiol, 39 (2002), pp. 1020–1025 2S. Mukherjee, P. Mukhopadhyay, K. Pandit, S. Chowdhury Atorvastatin improves arterial stiffness in normotensive normolipidaemic persons with type 2 diabetes J Indian Med Assoc, 106 (2008), pp. 716–719 3Int J Cardiol. 2014 Oct 20;176(3):1284-7. doi: 10.1016/j.ijcard.2014.07.181. ...
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Thanks Jose. What you mentioned is indeed true. I just did my on search on pubmed. Several studies have indicated Rosuvastatin improves arterial stiffness with lowering blood pressure.Some studies have shown improvement of arterial stiffness with statin therapy which was not associated with BP. Two studies revealed that improvement of arterial stiffness was related with BP [1] and [2]. The others have shown no beneficial effects of statin on arterial stiffness . Taken together, there are still ...
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Hi, Ziwei! Thanks for your query. In the medical journal that I read, the statins cited in the study were pravastatin (10 to 20 mg/day) and lovastatin (40 mg twice daily). Although I used rosuvastatin in my medical practice, I presumed that the paper was saying that statins in general have some degree of effect in lowering blood pressure, no matter how small it will be. The lowering of the blood pressure is due to the improvement in the endothelial function brought about by use of statins. ...
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