What are the more interesting ways your centre use to encourage handwashing?

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30 Jun 2016 - General

handwashing is really helps to prevent the spread of infection. Its benefits is really something that needs no introduction. Although very intuitive, very often, in our busy clinical contexts. Hands are at times not washed resulting in the possible spread of pathogens. This topic might be a bit too broad to be discussed in the forum. But I thought it would be interesting to know the different interesting approaches which has been developed by the creative people everywhere in healthcare.

Personally, I find the reporting of people not washing their hands really interesting and detestable. This is because it harks back to the times where secret police used citizens to report each other(i.e. Gestopo, Kempeitai etc)

A randomized double blinded study in France showed that handrubbing with alcohol is superior to handwashing with anti-septic soap. There was significant reduction in bacteria contamination, was more convenient and required less time. Another journal reported that compliance to hand hygiene increased significantly with the introduction of more accessible alcohol-hand rubs and was proven to be more effective when the ratio of alcohol-hand rub to bed ratio was smaller. In my hospital, reminder for ...
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I remember in one hospital I went to during my undergraduate years that they had an official hand washing launch. Most of the Administrators of the hospital attended the launch. That was a public hospital and I think that activity was in support of our Department of Health's promotion of proper hand washing. We were instructed to sing two Happy Birthday Songs for the proper duration, and we were also taught the proper steps. Sings were made in appropriate places. Every personnel were encoura...
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