What is your typing speed?

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30 Jun 2016 - General

With the digital wave being on its way for a bit of time, there is a move from paper to computers. This helps to improve efficiency, manage risk, reduce costs and allow the sharing of medical records more easily. Although there is used of medical scribes and transcription devices in large parts of the developed world. There are still pockets where this is not present.

Hence, there is a need to have a fast typing speed in order to survive with the patient loads we have every day.

I was hence wondering what would the range of typing speed of everyone

1) <20 WPM

2) 20-30 WPM

3)30-40 WPM

4)40-50 WPM

5)>60 WPM

Whether you had any typing lessons

Do you think that you might have benefited from typing lessons?

I've never had any formal typing lessons, but over time my typing speed has increased up to about 50 words per minute. (Chatting on social media sites helped a lot =] ) My finger placement is not standard though. My indexes run all over the keyboard and the 5th finger hardly gives any keystrokes, but it gets the job done so I've never had any problem not having taken any typing lessons. But I think with proper finger placement you can develop the skill of typing without looking at the ke...
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