How to rebuild the trust post "Fake Vaccine Producer" problem

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30 Jun 2016 - General

Recently in Indonesia we are very much disturbed due to news on fake vaccine producer and distributor. It was heartbreaking that the culprit, a married couple, were both working as nurse before they start of this 'business'. Essentially what they did is mix intravenous fluid infusion material with some other material (completely neglecting sterility) and sell what they call a 'harmless' solution as vaccine. 

It's extremely hard to differentiate the fake ones and the real ones (even for medical professionals). The fake vaccine producer don't know where all their fake vaccine is distributed and they have been doing this for 10 years before being caught. 

This completely causes a mess, there are significantly lower attendance to our national vaccination program due to this. Medical professionals are finding ways to reassure parents to still vaccinate their child in reliable institution. Any idea on how we could rebuild trust from the community? For me personally, I've been trying to personally assure parents that come to my hospital but it would be great to have a bigger scope and impact more people. Ideas are welcome!

Recently I am an increase in patient coming in from Riau ( Bintan ) just for vaccination. I did not understand why and when asked, they only told me they don't trust the vaccine supply in Indonesia which left me puzzled. Now you mentioned this, I understand the reason. I guess rebuilding confidence is in the domain of politicians. Indonesia is such a huge diverse country, I can't imagine what a task it will take to handle this sort of problem. I guess as a physician, we do have a role to...
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