First day at work

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1 Jul 2016 - General

Hi all,

I know we have all gone through being new or starting our first day at work. Some of you may agree with me that it is nerve-wracking stepping into the doors of your new workplace, not knowing anyone and starting a job that you haven't had much experience with.

I encourage anyone to share their experiences as this may serve as an inspiration to anybody who is starting their first day in University or first day in the hospital/ other care settings. Share your feelings and your tips on how you got through your first day.

I will be posting mine shortly. Looking forward to your replies. :)

Thank you for both of your responses. I agree that it will take time for us to get used to our new role and working environment but it really is helpful when the staff around are supportive and makes you feel welcome. I will also take Shunjie's advice on being positive about everyone and everything. This is something I need to practice over and over again to stop myself overthinking what's wrong with me. Anyway, my first few days hasn't been too bad as I've got some people with s...
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My first appointment was to an infectious diseases hospital. I was the medical officer in charge of a whole floor of isolation rooms filled with patients with measles, mumps, chicken pox, TB, leprosy, hepatitis. Starting work in a new place is stressful enough, but add to that the fear of getting infected with any possible infectious disease in the country! Freshly out of medical school, I was not familiar with management of some of the diseases I came across. My biggest difficulty was remembe...
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Just as the cliché goes” Ones impression is formed in the first 10s of meeting”. It is always a very exciting time when one has to start his/her position at a certain location. At times, there would be performance anxiety. Having gone through a couple of such experiences, I would say that some of the tips which I can offer include 1) Dress well for the day 2) Be proactive and try to help in everything possible 3) Think positive of everything and everyone. Try not to make any comparisons i...
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