Bio glass: The new age cartilage

Bio glass: The new age cartilage

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A research teamfrom the University of Milano-Bicocca and Imperial College of London have developed bio glass, an innovative material which replicates cartilage properties and might support its re-growth to benefit persons in severe pain due to osteoarthritis.
1 Jul 2016 - General
Can this new synthetic material ‘bio-glass’ really mimic the role of natural cartilage? The cartilages of weight bearing joints such as the knee and hip are continuously under a lot of pressure and there’s frequent movement between the two joint surfaces. In addition to that, in pathological conditions like osteoarthritis, the adjacent articular surfaces of bones are not normal. There are irregularities on the surface, with cysts and bony sclerosis. Natural cartilages can regenerate. They are lu...
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