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1 Jul 2016 - General

Cases of Diptheria are on the rise, one reason being parents are not consenting for the vaccination. Should this be made compulsory?

Diphtheria vaccination must be made compulsory as diphtheria is one of the serious disease conditions which causes sneezing, breathing problems and cardiac problems. Vaccination against a disease condition prevents the condition from occurring in that particular individual as well as from spreading. Diphtheria is caused by a bacteria named as Corynebacterium Diptheriae which lives in the mouth, nose and throat of the infected person and is transmitted to others by sneezing or coughing. The pare...
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I believe yes. Vaccination of all children should be made compulsory. By not consenting for vaccination, the parents are not only exposing their children to infectious diseases that otherwise could have been avoided, they put the whole community at risk. Even after having received vaccination, their is a faction of the population who remain non-immune to diseases, but they are protected from contagious diseases by herd immunity. When the majority of a community is immune to a disease, the risk o...
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