Pastoral, Spiritual and Religious Care Competency

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1 Jul 2016 - General

We are entering an age of person-centred care or Holistic care where a patients not just "thing" to be fix, but a fellow human to know and to be known. How are we able integrate their worldview or value in their own journey of meaning making or story telling in the process of their recovery and rediscovery of their lives, so that all biological and physical or even emotional care could be complemented with insight from their value, so as to deliver a humane service as well as critical dialogue of making sense of their and ours role and responsilibilty. 

With the shortage in manpower for healthcare professionals like doctors, the hospitals and institutions have also recruited and trained more allied health-care professionals, nurses and pharmacists, as well as administrative staff, to better support doctors in the delivery of quality care to patients. Through a complete network of healthcare professionals who are in contact with the patients, perhaps the patients would be more empowered to take charge of their health conditions. As an allied hea...
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