MC seekers

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1 Jul 2016 - General

The issue of MC (Medical Certificate) seekers is always a problem for physicians especially those in the family medicine practice.

We do see time and time that there are people who just walk in requesting for MCs and refusing medication.

Currently, the right to issue medical certificates and the duration issued depends on the judgement of the physician.

We do not have a proper guideline to follow as to which condition or to what extent should we give. 

For example, a young patient who has a small blister on his feet came to request for MC, is it justifiable to give?

Will like to put to discussion as to what would be one's threshold of issuing MC.

I judge base on 1) Is his condition a danger to his work, colleagues and general public 2) Is his work, workplace and work environment a danger to his condition and treatment 3) Do I know much about his work, working tool and workplace to issue him work restriction or deny him a medical certificate to apply for medical leave. A medical certificate is issued for him to apply for medical leaves or work restriction. For your example of a young patient with a small blister, it depends on his premorb...
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