How are you using MIMS?

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1 Jul 2016 - General

As you all might have noticed, MIMS has been unrolling new platforms and periodic changes to the site structure. We are also actively tracking the traffic for valued users by various metrics. 

As a Healthcare Professional, how are you browsing our sites?

Let us know what you like about us, and the changes you hope to seek! In MIMS, we're committed to continously empower the healthcare community!

I am using MIMS alot for drug references especially in precribing for cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding and elderly with polypharmacy as well as checking drug interaction. After the start of this social media platform, I noticed the presence of educational videos and disease management updates. Maybe I will check back more on educational materials. I think MIMS can improve by allowing physician to subscribe to news update relevant to his chosen specialty. MIMS can also help us summarize finding ...
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