Dental issues seeing GP

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1 Jul 2016 - General

Of late, many patients who are covered by company insurance have been abusing the system to approach doctors for medicine for dental conditions.

When it is an obvious dental carries, gum pain or gingivitis, the patient ought to have the common sense to approach a dentist instead.

However, seeing a dentist is not claimable, whereas seeing a GP is claimable, so in order to get free medication and treatment, the patients approach the GP instead of the dentist. Is this justifiable for the GP to give medication? If he chooses not to give and refer the patient to a dentist instead - which theoretically speaking is the correct and most ethical thing to do, the patient complains or the GP loses this patient.

On the other hand, the same analogy goes : would you ask a dentist to prescribe you medicine if you have piles or hemorrhoids, or when you experience abdominal pain, you want the dentist to give you panadol for pain relief?

The public should be educated appropriately on which condition should a dentist be consulted.

Yes, I agree with Ziwei, maybe when you encounter this again it is important that you determine why the patient has chosen to see a GP and not a dentist. It could be a few things: maybe the patient did not know it was better for him to see a dentist; maybe he is doing this as an insurance strategy; or maybe he has bad case of “fear of dentists”. It is important that the underlying reason be identified so you can properly educate the patient about the benefits of seeing a dentist/specialist. Many...
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You can advise a patient that you have limited dental knowledge and he will need to consult a dentist for further management. If he has toothache, we can give him painkillers and oral gargles. To a patient, a General Practitioner is someone he can trust and work with. If he does not want to see a dentist despite your advice, just note it down. Anyway, a lot of insurance covering GP management no longer covers for dental related conditions. Maybe you can try to build a rapport with them and ask t...
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