Abuse of Antibiotics leading to multiple drug resistant bacteria

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1 Jul 2016 - General

The recent article on the discovery of bacterial resistance in Polymyxin E daunts me. What if that particular strain of bacteria also developed resistance to carbapenems? If that were to happen, it would be disastrous.

Thus as a public health trained personnel, I urge all medical practitioners to think twice when prescribing any form of antibiotics, only give when it is truly necessary. 

In recent years, more and more patients are walking into GP clinics requesting for antibiotics for viral upper respiratory tract infections or standby for overseas trips. And to our horror, there are physicians who actually give them in the fear of losing the patients, or to earn extra revenue for the clinic. Such behavior should be deemed unacceptable - going against justice one of the four pillars of ethic.

As physicians, it is our duty to explain to them appropriately the reasons why we are not giving then antibiotics to them.


Totally agree, but I suppose even as an individual, if we can try to educate the patients appropriately and allow the government to enforce such appropriate knowledge in schools, antibiotics abuse can be minimized. It is usually because of this misconception by patients and the revenues that the GPs are giving. I guess more people should be taking up public health. Antibiotics should be made less accessible to layman especially in areas with low literacy rates. Antibiotics is never the solution ...
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This is a kind of practice which the people must be warned of instead of prescribing unnecessary antibiotics. I have come across such situations in which patients are prescribed with hard antibiotics such as cefotaxime in fever and common cold. Though, nowadays antibiotics are available over the counter, a little knowledge about some kind of diseases make the people take antibiotics for their treatment. This kind of practice may lead to multi drug resistance and failure in prevention and cure o...
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Antibiotics is available off the shelf in China. I have patients from China who told me they have already take moxifloxacin and augmentin for few day before consulting me. If that is what 1 billion people in the world are doing, whatever little thing we do will be a drop in the ocean. It take a worldwide collaboration to tackle effect of antibiotics resistance. Pharmaceutical company has been reluctant to come out with more classes of antibiotics as new antibiotic will be rarely prescribed and k...
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Emerging antibiotic resistance is a major problem in my country as well. We as medical practitioners have a duty to make sure we do not prescribe antibiotics irrationally. But on the other hand, the public also should be educated, that antibiotics is not a 'cure for all diseases'. In my country, people go to doctors to 'get medicine'. They are not happy if they are sent back without 5-6 types of drugs. They even judge the doctors by the number of pills they prescribe! So to keep ...
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