Why video games may be good for you

Why video games may be good for you

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Games have been accused of making people violent, but growing evidence suggests they can have positive effects, and scientists are beginning to understand why.
1 Jul 2016 - General
I play video games and my very brilliant sister still does, to this day, as a means to unwind from the stresses of investment banking. I grew up playing Nintendo and then PlayStation. When I was in Dentistry School I discovered “War Craft” and this continued to “Clash of Clans”. More than just entertainment, gaming has taught me to think, strategize and solve problems; it has taught me to keep going through obstacles; and it has taught me leadership and teamwork. I think it is all about your c...
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Recent research has identified many benefits as a search for novelty( in publication). I personally feel that it is still important guard against it. Although, I have am not too up to date with gaming literature. I have my doubts about the long term benefits of video gaming. The stated benefits of gaming are also not useful outside a few select occupations. The most important thing is its potential as a time waster for people. While many of us health professionals have high motivation to pry ou...
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Playing video games has been my hobby from childhood, and still I spend a considerable amount of my leisure time playing games. It always brings me a sense of joy when I see an article on the positive aspects of gaming, because most of the time the feedback I get about my habit of gaming is negative. It's a waste of time, not good for your eyes, shooting makes you violent, you loose a part of your social life.. There are enough bad things people have to say about gaming, but only a few real...
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