Some thoughts on Doctors' Day in India

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1 Jul 2016 - General

1st July is celebrated as Doctors' Day in India. It is the birth and death anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, a great physician and a politician who was awared the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna. These are some thoughts I would liek to share on this day.

I enjoy being a doctor. My businessmen, engineer and software friends might earn more than me, bankers may have more benefits than me. But I still enjoy being a doctor because I can make someone better, because I can save a family, because I am part of a miracle many a times and because I am symbol of hope in despair.

My profession has given me enough. Being doctor I have more than enough money to raise my kids, have a decent house, enjoy little hobbies, & needs are met. I am also amongst the most intelligent and the top elite professionals in the world. 

I am thankful to all my patients who put their trust and faith in me and I wouldn't let them down. I am thankful to God that He helped me to gain skills, which now I can contribute and can have a meaning in someone's life. 

Yes, it is stressful. I agree, I work very hard, without a doubt, I have many sleepless nights. I have worked days together without holidays, vacations or weekends. 

End of the day, it is my choice. I am leading a much easier life than those soldiers, army men, officers who stay in tents in snow, deserts and jungles and die every day for us, and what a shame they die unknown. They are doing a tremendous job as well. All professions have challenges but not all have such returns as this one. 

My profession has given a meaning to my life, it is my turn to justify that. I love being a doctor, actually I feel blessed being one !!! 

Fulfilment in one's job comes from an inner feeling of satisfaction and mental peace. I like my job and the challenges it raises in front of me. There are times when I get frustrated and need to resort to relaxation techniques. The sum total of all these experiences is on the positive side and I still want to continue what I am doing. It is very difficult to change job-streams in India, so the only alternative which remains is to try and find newer challenges in your job. I do that by resor...
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