Prescribing Antibiotic to patients

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1 Jul 2016 - General

The World Health Organization is worried that by the next few years there will be a massive antibiotic resistance caused by overprescription of these medicines. Other medical organizations are also worried that we are now entering into a post antibiotic era. There have been reported cases in the Western countries that there are MRSA patients who are already resistant even to the last resort of antibiotic. In the Philippines, there is a law which was passed few years ago wherein pharmacies are not allowed to sell antibiotics without a prescription from a physician. It is observed that physicians would prescribe antibiotics even if the patients does not need one. This kind of practice has become rampant specially in rural settings. The other observation is that the physician is not able to monitor if the patient has completed the entire treatment course due to the distance of the health facility. I would like to read some inputs and comments from my fellow physicians on their stand regarding antibiotic resistance.

The CDC is working on implementing core action plans to tackle this issue, which will require co-operation from all healthcare providers: Prevent infections through immunizations, safe food preperations, handwashing and using antibiotics only when necessary. Tracking information such as those with increase susceptibility to contract antibiotic resistant infections, causes of infection etc.. Change the way anti-biotics are used (possibly the most important step) - making sure doctors use antibio...
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