Root Canals and Obturating for Success

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1 Jul 2016 - General

When I was very young in private practice, I stayed away from MOLAR root canal cases. It was tough in Dentistry school, even with the supervision of a clinical instructor; and it was even tougher to tackle on my own. I eventually got better with my work--from the location of canals, to reaching the apex, cleaning and shaping, but if I am going to be honest, there are still cases that are hard to OBTURATE and seal. 

When I saw this post on my feed, it was as if I saw a rainbow in the dark. What are your thoughts about this? It says: "Endodontics is about what you take out of the tooth, not what you put back in... If you completely remove the infection, it will work". You know it really makes sense--or am I just hoping it does?