Nutrition Month Matters

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1 Jul 2016 - General

July is celebrated in the Philippines as Nutrition Month. On a personal note, I love this month for it gives Registered Dietitians a voice to teach communities and private groups on proper Nutrition. This is still because I do beleive that Dietitians are the best persons to consult on diet and nutrition issues based from prescriptions of our doctors. Health conscious individuals are increasing in number just as how the number of fast and covenient food providers grow. Message me for more insights! I would love to collaborate with your campaigns. :)

Hi Ms.Eileen. Thanks for your interest. For that, we usually follow a theme set by the National Nutrition Council. Yearly, there is a theme where activities should be focused on. In the past years obesity, vegetable eating campaign, Nutrition during calamities breastfeeding are just some of the themes featured on july. For that, symposium in schools, in local government units, are being conducted. Also, this is the time of the year where initiatives commences which all falls on the focused camp...
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