Which shift best suits you? 8 hour or 12 hour?

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1 Jul 2016 - General

Time has been and will always be important in many aspects in life. One of which applies to work duties most especially in the hospital. Each institution has different needfulness for their workers and different staffing rules may apply.

There is a rapid transition of the absence of staff in a tertiary hospital. Let's face that workers come and go after reaching the desired number of years needed as their preliminary qualification in a better working environment with deserving compensation.

Most of the hospitals nowadays most especially in a private institution is facing the so called "understaffing", thus implementing a 12 hour duty schedule. Having the said schedule puts the worker to be on duty for at least 2-3 straight days and granting a 2 days off afterwards. Not to mention that the off is coming from a night shift which I myself does not count it as a justifiable off. Combined stressful duty days but with rewarding long day offs would be alright.

On the other side, having an 8 hour duty schedule requires frequent visit to the hospital. Seldom double offs but with less stress and more time to rest our bodies all throughout the day.

For me either way is good but choosing a 12 hour schedule would be the best. Which shift best works for you?