What to do when the patient's relative falls in love with you. ( A true story)

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2 Jul 2016 - General

I was in my 1st year of residency handling a ward of general IM cases. One patient, a 65 y/o male who was admitted for Leptospirosis was particularly "special". He was deteriorating fast. He was for transfer to ICU and for emergency hemodialysis but the relatives gave no consent. One of his very difficult caregiver is his daughter. A nurse who was working at the US and came home to see her deteriorating father. Being a nurse, I suspected that she among all the relatives present will be able to make the right decision to save the life of her father and fight against what is obviously a reversible problem. After several family conferences and numerous explanation, I was able to convince her to allow us to intervene beyond antibiotics and fluids. She allowed us to insert an IJ catheter and proceed with dialysis. (To be continued)