Can Wales win EURO 2016 ??!!

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2 Jul 2016 - General

What an amazing game between Wales Vs Belgium, in which Wales won 3-1 !!!! Belgium as a favourite team to challenge for the title, lose convincingly to the rising Wales.  The superb strike from Nainggolan released a sweet, swerving drive which Hennessey's fingertips could not stop, giving Belgium to lead 1-0. But, Wales came back from 0-1, to win the game 3-1.  Portugal will be waiting for them in the semi-final match, and it will be ever exciting Bales Vs Ronaldo !!! Wales has been over-achieving in this EURO 2016 tournament, doing very well.  Can they eventually became the dark horse of this tournament to win EURO 2016 ???  They are 2 matches away from making the history !!! 

I think Wales will have a high chance of reaching the final, by beating Portugal. The performance of Portugal has been unconvincing so far, drawing 3 match to qualify, and then need extra-time goal to beat Croatia, and penalty to beat Poland...I hope that Wales will clinch the title to create a great history in football. Another Leicester City like fairytale. Apart from Bales, most of the players in Wales team are NOT the football superstar. H Robson-Kanu, who scored the second goal for Wales l...
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I am looking forward to a victorious Wales team with Gareth Bale smirking at the obnoxious Cristiano Ronaldo in the semi final. Gareth Bale is going to score in the 44th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo will miss a penalty in the 94th minute. However in my heart, I hope Iceland will win. It is like David vs Goliath(s). Just like any fairy tale, we all hope the hardworking underdogs will be victorious. My second favourite will be Wales. However, Germany will be the likely champion. It is going to be a G...
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